My first OOTD + a New Friend!


Today I went shopping for a new computer! Yay! But I still won't be able to blog from it because we don't remember the Wifi password... Oh well! That's what it is when you help your mum with technology! You tell her to write down her password somewhere but then she doesn't even remember if she wrote it down at all!!!

Silk Blouse: thrifted in Bonaventure, QC. Jeans: Primark. Belt: thrifted in London. Boots: thrifted in Caplan, QC. Scarf: thrifted in Caplan as well.

Since it's my first OOTD, please excuse my lack of self-picturing in a fitting room skills hahaha! Most of my outfit is thrifted, just because I always love to go to charity shops and find treasures!

I also bought this cat print t-shirt in Pentagone. 5$, it's hard to beat that for a new item!

Then we went to the vet with our dog Félix, as he had cyst like things on his body. They turned out to be lipomas, kind of fat cells in his epiderma. Anyway, it's nothing to be scared of the vet said!

And at the vet we met a new friend! How cute is this baby sheep? Apparently his mother didn't want to feed him :( So the vet takes care of him and bottle feed him!

Do you like OOTD posts? Have a good day!

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  1. Trop belle ta blouse avec la ceinture et le foulard! J'aime bien les OOTDS surtout quand j'ai pas vraiment de posts planifiés, c'est rapide et facile! Et le bébé mouton AWWWWWWWWWWWWW <3

    1. Merci beaucoup Gaby! Oh oui! Je savais bien que tu aimerais le mouton!!! Yétais super doux en plus! Ma mère voulait le ramener a la maison!

  2. I love your scarf and that baby sheep... too adorable!

  3. Je suis en amour avec ta blouse, surtout de la façon que tu l'as agencée avec le foulard et surtout la ceinture!!

    T-shirt de chat! ♥ Mouton!! ♥ Jolie mademoiselle!! ♥

  4. Allo Stéphanie!

    Oui et oui pour les tenues!
    J'aime le t-shirt chat, très cute
    Pauvre petit mouton mais le vet en prendra soin

    Bon weekend

    Ariane x

    1. Merci Ariane! Oui, le petit mouton avait l'air bien la-bas ;)

  5. Love it!! The scarf is tres jolie! and I so happy you linked up!!! Can't wait to see more of your finds!!!


    1. Thanks Shana, I'm glad you like it! Really like the blog hop too ;)

  6. Congrats on your first OOTD! It takes a lot of guts to post pictures of yourself on the internet. Your scarf is lovely! Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours!!! ~Sarah


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