Finally the Sun Comes Out!


Sunset :)
After weeks of non-stop rain, the sun finally came out on Monday evening. It helps out to lift our mood, as the past weather and events were really crappy.

Ready to walk!
So I took the opportunity to go walk, as I used to do. Before all the crappy weather and winter, of course.
I went for a 1h45 walk, almost my usual. What I do normally, is I go to the village, then walk alonside the boardwalk to the border of the next village. But because I'm not used to that much anymore, I did less.

Usual view of my walks

The coastline looks similar's to Owl City's Good Time's cover
I came back too late to catch Revenge :( We used to watch it all together with my parents but lately we've been missing it, due to complications on the ranch.

I've never seen Félix like that
Even though I never bring the dog with me, it seems like he was pretty much exhausted from his day. I've never seen him sleep like that... But he's cute anyway, don't you think?

Do you like walking? What kind of exercise do you do?

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  1. Beautiful photos, I think when the sun is out everyone feels happier and the world looks better x

    1. Thanks lisa-Jane! Yes, it is true, today was a cloudy day and people were grumpy :( Oh well!


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