Something to be Grateful for


Sometimes, things happen and you just have a connection with someone and you know you might never see them again.

Today, I saw a little bird in the garage, trying to find its way out of the window. Poor thing was trying so hard to flying past the window, I was sad for him.

I then tried to take it in my hands, but of course he was scared. At some point he was too tired and let me take him.

I put him on the gallery, so he could gain his strength back. I could see he was very tired, he didn't tried to fly away just yet.

I pet him, and encouraged him. He tried a few times to fly. Until he was ready to do so.

When he did, he came to sit on my head :) And then flew away.

My little birdy friend! I might never see him again, but today we shared something!

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  1. What a pretty bird! I bet it was very grateful you saved its life.

  2. awww such a lovely story it bought tears to my eyes. I think he came back and sat on your head to thank you. You sound like a lovely person x

  3. Awwwwwwwww il est donc bin beau lui! Du monde comme toi, ça me redonne espoir en cette race humaine!


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