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Sometime you need to treat yourself to a latte and chocolate croissant ;)
On Sunday evening, I discovered Elise McDowell's blog, and one of her blog post made me do something I have been meaning to for about a year now.

I'm talking about the "Try that Cafe You've Always Wanted to Visit" post. I have lived in Gaspésie for over a year, and every time my mum and I passed in front of the Café Luna in New Carlisle, we said we would come for coffee sometimes.

But you know how it is. You mean to do it, but you never do. Sometimes you have to quit saying it and just make a commitment.

That's what I did when I read Elise's post. I decided that on Monday, I would try the Café. And that I would treat my mum too.

Arriving there, we parked at the same time as a gentleman who was talking to his dog. We went to talk to him and pet Laika, a cross between a black Lab and a German Sheppard. The gentleman turned out to be really nice, an Italian. Roberto's his name.

We had our coffee and croissants with him.

Laika waiting for Roberto
The cafe is decorated with travel souvenirs
I liked to listen to him talk because with his Italian accent, he reminded me of Cesare, a family friend that passed away two months ago.

The croissant was really good, I had the chocolate one and my mum had it with homemade strawberry jam. The cafe is of course cozy, with lots of travel pictures and memorabilia. I also checked out a Gaudi book.

So that trip to the cafe made our day, we made a new friend and we have a new place to go for breakfast and lunch. Sometimes you have to stretch your comfort zone haha!

If you happen to go to Gaspésie, and want to try Cafe Luna, here is the address:
148 Gerard-D-Levesque, New Carlisle, Quebec, G0C 1Z0

Tell me about your favourite place for coffee :)

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  1. Wow! So glad you took up the challenge and tried that cafe! And treating your mum deserves extra brownie points ;)

    I personally LOVE cafes, bars or restaurants that are decorated with travel souvenirs. Makes me think I'm on an adventure!

    Thank you so much for the mention lovely!

    Elise xx


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