Dollarama Haul


It seems that Dollarama has nice products these days. Well, at least my local one has!

These ones have Louis Vuitton logos on them. But they're not from the French brand...

These underwear came at the right time, as I was in need of some. They range from 1.50$ to 2$, and the bra was 3$. I also got a phone case for 2$. It's a basic gelly one, but I'm glad, similar ones retail for 30$ at the Source! :O Shocking!

The panties are from different brands and even though I bought all mediums, some don't fit me :( That's the downside at Dollarama, you cannot try before you buy! I guess what you could do is bring an extra pair of yours and compare...

The bra is nice, it has a bright pink lining and a pin to tie the straps into a racerback. It reminds me of one I bought at La Senza a while ago.

Have you scored anything interesting at your Dollarama/dollar store lately?

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  1. I love scoring neat finds at Dollarama! I haven't been in in a while, but I got a bunch of surprisingly great socks there.

  2. Salut Steph! Wow, contente que tu aies trouvé de la belle lingerie chez Dollarama, j'avoue que pas grand chose du genre n'a attiré mon attention à date, mais il y en a un qui vient d'ouvrir dans ma ville (yey!), j'ai bien hâte de le visiter! Ça m'a manqué en Europe ça ahah!

    1. Hé, une revenante! ;) J'espere que ton nouveau Dollarama va etre rempli d'affaires intéressantes!


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