June Empties


June Empties!
You should know by now that I like to empty my products! I have too much and still buy, so I try to clear my conscience by using what I have. It makes me happy everytime I finish something. I always say: Yay, empty! Hahaha I know, #firstworlsproblems.

At the end of last month, I set my goal on finishing 30 products. Well, I finished 33, not bad! Technically 32, as one of the products actually evaporated and I only used it twice during the 3 weeks I had it. Tried to return it to the drugstore, the assistant manager accused me of finishing it all and to want to screw them up. Come on lady, have you ever finished a dry shampoo in 3 weeks, because I only use it once or twice a month! Sometimes not even!

Anyway, this is a whole different story and I am trying to solve this problem with their customer service department. I work in a department store and we issue refunds for things worse than that, and even if we know the customer is wrong (it happens, but God forbid we say it), we give them the benefit of the doubt...

Onto the empties now!

Hair products
Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo*: This is my favourite dry shampoos of all the ones that I have tried (ok, I have only tried 3-4 brands, based on the fact a bottle lasts me forever). It doesn't feel wet on the hair, which doesn't aggrave the greasiness of hair. (Yes, I had dry shampoos that did that...) and doesn't leave the dreaded white powder. The only thing about it it's that it's expensive, so I'm looking for another one...

Got 2Be Rocking It Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo: Which is whay I bought this one when the Klorane finished. It looked good, but I have only tried it twice, as I said in the beginning of the post. Schwartzkopf, look after the nozzle of your cans, dry shampoo evaporating in 3 weeks is not normal!!!

Body Products
Sinless Sun Self Tan Mist: Worse thing I have tried in the self tan department. Ok, I didn't try a lot, but an uneven carrot tan is not on.  I did finish it anyway, was using it on my legs during winter time.

Delon Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover: This one again was not good, but... My friend Mel has a newer bottle of this which I have to say is good. I probably got a daft one. From Dollarama, if you find a good bottle is worth it. I would repurchase, but I still have two bottles to go (don't ask).

House of Sawdust & Stitches Rice Flower & Shea Soap: This is made in New-Bruswick, Canada. For a natural soap, it is quite drying, I guess it's due to the sawdust particules in them. Not a bad product, but I wouldn't recommend if you have sensitive or dry skin.

Face Products
Nothing extraordinary to report on this front...

Well, another Loblaws candle, I have to say, the quality is very inconsistent. This one was not releasing a lot of scent, and at the beginning the pool of wax hardly reached the rim of the jar. It ended up burning properly though.

For July, I aim 25 products. I know I said it las month, but it will be a hard task. We'll see!

Link up your empties posts ;)

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  1. tout un soulagement de mettre ça à la poubelle :)

    voici mon article du mois de juin :)


    1. Hahaha oh oui ca fait du bien! Jmen vais voir ton article!


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