July Empties


Body Products

Ivy and Castle White Tea & Citrus Hand Wash: I have already talked about it here, love it, and we stock up on the stuff a while ago. This month we finished two.

Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe Weekly Tan: The only good thing I'm going to say about this is that it smells relatively good for a bronzer (like caramel). But I haven't seen any tan on my skin. I'm going to stick to St. Tropez's.

Face Products
Kleenex Facial Cloths Cotton Touch: I got this while in the UK and haven't seen these here. I like them, they have the same size as a facial wipe, but they are thicker, and of course you can put your own products on it as well. You can also use it to remove nail polish, but since the wipes are big, I wouldn't waste them on nail polish.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate: Apparently, beauty editors swear by this. Because I have oily skin, I'm always reluctant to put oil on my face, but I never had any problems with this (I got a few samples over the years). Some say the really see an overnight difference, but they probably have dry skin, because I didn't. Maybe one day I'll purchase, but I like the sample size.

C29 infusion Collagen Shot: I grabbed this at Dollarama this winter, to use as my night time moisturizer. I pretty liked it, it has a gel consistency, which is good for oily skin. I bought it for $3, and I would repurchase if I see it again but on the website it retailed for 30$. It seems the website is not running anymore, but you can purchase at different auction type website.

Scents, Misc.
Escada Island Kiss: I have almost finished all my Escada mini perfumes. This one was my favourite and it still is. It came out in 2004 and have a strong mango scent :)

BBW Pineapple Mango Candle: I can see a theme here. Hahaha! I do love mangos! It seems that this candle didn't last as long as my other 1.3 oz one. Maybe it was because I prefer the scent and used it quickly. It also appears that it has a lot of wax remaining, unlike most of BBW candles. :(

With 21 empties, I didn't reach my 25 goal :( For August, my goal is still 25, I have some products that are 99% finished, and I know I will buy a lot when in London!

How about you?

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  1. C'est drôle, au début, j'ai tellement adoré Xen-Tan Deep Bronze, mais on dirait que plus ça va, moins il paraît sur ma peau, et on dirait que maintenant, il ne fait que me rendre jaune? Dommage pour le prix ):

    1. Jaune?!? He ben! Le premier fake tan jai essayé c'est St Tropez, pis a date jen ai pas eu de meilleur!

  2. I like XenTan I think its really good x


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