Caboodles Chic Freak Makeup Tray


I live in the middle of nowhere. There is no Muji store nearby. No Ikea. No Winners. And no Target :( So nowhere to buy a nice acrylic makeup storage.

Yes, of course you have ebay and Amazon, but sometimes the quality is flimsy. So when I spotted this Caboodles Chic Freak Tray in Wal-Mart, I took it home with me.

Yes, it is far from holding my whole collection. But at least it can store my current curated items. It is made of good quality acriylic, the design is simple yet not cheap and it was only 7$. It can hold around 11 lip products and 1 palette, or 6 lip products and 3 palettes. A good way to store my everyday favourites.

How do you store your makeup? Do you know any good place online (that ships reasonnably to Canada) to buy acrylic containers?

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  1. Belle trouvaille! Je ne suis personnellement juste pas capable de laisser mes produits à la vue (OCD? peut-être ahahah) alors je mets mes produits favoris dans un panier dans un tiroir!


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