Bonfire Night Explosive Polishes


Bonfire Night, or Guy Fawkes Night in the UK, is an annual celebration with bonfires commemorating a failed plot against King James 1.

I really liked the atmosphere of Bonfire Night, it's like you're in  a bombarded town, with all the smoke and pops in the air, yet you know you are safe!

I'm missing Bonfire Night tonight, as I'm not in London anymore. 

So to get me in the mood, I made a little selection of explosive nail polishes. :)

Essie Beyond Cozy: Probably the most subtle of the bunch, a nice champagne gold.

Revlon Stunning: Silver polish complete with hexagonal iridescent glitters.

Sally Hansen White Veil: White glitter with hexagonal gold ones.

Nails Inc Buckingham Street: Fuschia galore.

Nails Inc Shelton Street: Gold glitters, probably the most festive one I own.

Essie As Gold as it Gets: Gold glitters bathed in a sheer gold polish.

Are you celebrating Bonfire Night? Do you like glitter polishes?

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