October Empties



How was your month? Mine was pretty brutal to be honest! I'm kinda back to normal, if there is such a thing when you have a sick family member :(

Anyway I'm glad for these empties because I finally made my goal again! Yay for 25 empties!

Body care
 Alexandria Organics Microwaveable Soft Wax Legs and Body: Now I don't know if this product is really bad or it's just the fact I got it on clearance at Winners, but this did not do anything. I tried it many different ways: cold, lukewarm, with the included strips, with my own, etc. Nothing! Not a hair came out with this. So I'm done trying!

Ivy and Castle White Tea and Citrus Foaming Hand Wash: I'm not going to repeat myself here because this is a regular, but if you come across those hand wash at Dollarama, try it :)

Hair care
 I don't have much to say about those, they were samples, I liked them.

Facial Care
L'Occitane Face Toner with Angelica Water: I liked this one so much that I didn't want to finish the sample too fast. If you're into fresh scent, you'll like thi one! It's delicate, nothing too heavy.
Chantelle Ginseng and Cactus Flower Thermal Mask: Oh I lover thermal masks! They are just so relaxing! This one was also good and smells lush as well.

Sephora + Pantone Universe Black Magic Waterproof Eyeliner: Girls, this is my favourite eyeliner! It came with a set of three, and this particular one is called "Stretch Limo". It was a limited edition product I think, as I got it on sale, and my frien Mel and my mum were also lucky to snatch a set. It is creamy, but not too creamy, it glides on the waterline really well and stays there. If you ever happen to see those kits,GRAB them! Your holy grail eyeliner is just too hard to find to pass by!

White Barn (Bath & Body Works) Marshmallow Fireside: I live nowhere near a BBW and when I get cravings I order online, going with the rave of YouTubers and bloggers. I got this one because I like the idea of a marshmallow candle. Well, I hate this one. First, it smells nothing like marshmallow, there is not a hint of something sweet in there, it just smells like too much church incence. And the scent throw is of course strong, when there is an incency kind of smell. I went to Quebec City last week and smelled this year's version, which is a little bit sweeter. But if you go with what everyone tells you that it's like s'mores, you're going to be disapointed, like I was.

And that concludes October's empties! Have you finished a lot this month?
For November I'M working on 20 empties!

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