My Bath & Body Works Christmas Candles 2013


Ah candles! I don't know many girls who doesn't like them. I know I am obsessed with them! They look good, they smell yummy and they give a cozy atmosphere to the room.

On Black Friday I placed an order on Bath & Body Works website, they had a sale for their 3 wicks candles: 2 for 20$. And the Buttercream Mint was 11$. It's the second time I order from them and I can only tell good things. The only sad thing is that Canadian shipping is 20$, but since the nearest BBW is a 8 hour-drive from where I live, I can justify one order for Christmas ;)

This year I have ordered: Buttercream Mint (really nice and creamy mint, not overpowering), Vanilla Bean Noel (Vanilla and brown sugar), Red Velvet Cupcake (just like the cake!), Twited Peppermint (Peppermint, the more "potent" of the bunch) and Merry Cookie (Vanilla cream), The Cranberry Pear Bellini one and Deer candle holder are from last year.

I would say compared to other Bath & Body Works 3 wick candles I got, they are not as scented. If you think that BBW candles are too overpowering for you in general, maybe try these as I find them more subtle. The most Christmassy one is definitely Peppermint Twist.

What's your favourite holiday candle? Or your favourite one from Bath & Body Works?

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