November Empties


November Empties
Even though November is one of the most boring month of the year, it was a good month in terms of empties. I finished 22 products, yay!

Face Products
PRO Formula Clear Skin Cleansing Facial Wash: I bought this at Tesco in London for dirt cheap, and I wasn't expect that much. But it was a nice surprise! once you get past the "creamy" effect it leaves on your skin, you can actually see that this onw is good for oily skin. The do specify for all skin types, and since it is a creamy cleanser, I would assume it is good for sensitive skin.

Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream: I have tried other products from the Wild Rose range before and I have never been disapointed. Even thought the cream is rich, it didn't break me out.

Hair Products
Delon Olive Oil Shampoo: When I first started using it, I was not overly impressed, but it was ok. Now that I finished the bottle (a whopping 725 ml), I struggle to find another shampoo that doesn't make my hair appear greasy after a day (I only wash them twice a week). So I would repurchase, if I see it at Dollarama.

Primark Cherry Candle: I will admit, I bought this candle purely for the mug. How cute is that? The actual candle was artificial smelling, but nice in its way.

Body Products
Dundee Original Emu Oil: Humm, I'm kinda feeling weird about this one, because I do not like the fact that it comes from an animal. My mum bought it and I had a few bruises on my arms that I wanted to heal, so I finished the bottle.

Personnelle Hydrocortisone Cream: I also used this for my bruises. I usually have a tube of this during winter, as I have a few dry and itchy spots on my wrists, and this calms them.

Have you finished any good products in November? Any favourite so far this month?

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