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When I was in London, I used to tone my face with rose water. And I liked the smell. It was fairly easy to buy the stuff, I bought mine in Morrisons (just a basic grocery store) in the exotic or bakery aisle. And it was fairly cheap as well, £1-2. It looked like this one. I was also able to bake with it, since it came from the food aisles in the grocery shop.

Fast forward a few years and I kinda forgot about rose water. But last weekend, I decided, after seeing a tiny bottle of the stuff at the drugstore, that I wanted to use it again. Unfortunately, I have looked for it all week long, and couldn't find it in my area (except said bottle at the drugstore, but it was subtitled perfume, so I wouldn't trust it to put on my face).

It's a good thing that Valentine's day was only a week ago. On Monday, I bought a dozen of roses for dirt cheap. Read: 4$. I bought the bouquet, knowing that if I didn't find any rose water in New-Brunswick on Tuesday (I went shopping there), I could always make myself some.

And that's what I did today. Some of my flowers were looking at the ground, but the petals themsleves were fine. So I grabbed those for my concoction. Online, I found a few different ways to do so, but I decided to use the simplest I found.

Here is what I did:

I started by boiling water for 5 minutes, as I didn't have distilled water. I then let it cool down a few hours. I used the petals of 2 roses, put them in a pan, and cover them with water. I'd say it was a ratio of almost 2 part flower for 1 part water.

I then bring the mixture to a boil. Then I let it simmer. What I've read mentioned 15-20 minutes, until the roses lose their colour. I left mine for 10 minutes, but in hindsight I would've left it 7 minutes. Just go with the look of your flowers.

It's ready when they look like this: 

As I said, I feel I let it simmer for too long, as my water is not as fragrant and it's also a tad too dark. Next time I certainly will go with how it looks, as opposed to wait for the 15 minutes to elapse.

Let it cool down. Drain when decanting in whatever container is best for you. Tainted glass bottles are a good option has they protect the water from the light. I like this one I kept from some Emu oil, as it has a dispenser and is practical. I put the rest in a Mason jar that I put in the fridge.

I use rose water as a toner. After washing my face, I moist a cotton pad with the water, and apply to my face. Afterwards I put moisturizer.

Do you use rose water? Do you make your own? If so please share your tips below!

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