Grey and Pink EOTD


Grey and Pink. EOTD. On first hearing, it might sound like a disaster. But it works quite well! It's a look I have been doing since a couple of weeks now, and always attract so many compliments. My friend Nancy even asked me to do the same on her (she has hazel eyes), and then when her friend Karine saw her, she also wanted it!

Also, the pink that I used is quite a bold pink. It's from the Personnelle eyeshadow pallette Aube. The obvious choice to tone it down would have been to pair it with a beige, or a paler pink. But when I first experimented this look, I was obsessed with grey eyeshadows.

Pink used; second from the left, bottom row
To prime my lids, I used Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Audacious Asphalt. I then took a grey from one of my favourite palettes, NYX Winter in Moscow. Third I put the bold pink in the crease, doing a winshield swipiing motion. In the inner corner and on the brow bone, a light buttercup from MAC's Caramel Sundae palette from the Archie's Girls did the trick.

 Black eyeliner and mascara complements this look very well.

As I don't like to use too much pink on my face at the same time, I keep it neutral with a peachy nude lipgloss.

Do you like pink eyeshadows? With what colour would you pair it?

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  1. I am not a fan of pink eyeshadow I suppose I always think it will makes eyes look red and puffybut that colour is lovely on you x

    1. I know what you mean! I usually try to use lighter shade of pinks. This time I wanted to make bright pink work ;)

  2. Joli maquillage! Les ombres roses ne me vont pas vraiment bien, ça me donne souvent un look exagéré ou même vampire (quand la teinte vire plus vers le rouge)... mais en petites doses, agencées avec la bonne couleur, ça peut aller.

    Je vais essayer ton combo demain pour voir, avec des teintes semblables! ;)

    1. Merci! J'avoue que les teintes plus rouges sont plus difficile à porter. Tu m'en donneras des nouvelles demain!

  3. This is a great combination!


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