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It's been a weird week, kind of a feel-good but in a melancoolic way week. I had my last two shifts at work, and then I was sick yesterday and the day before. But I do want to share what's been really good about it!

Lunching with my friend Nancy and my (now ex) boss at Dixie Lee. Dixie Lee is an Eastern Canadian fried chicken chain, and they also do tasty pizza. Since I knew I would be having the pizza at night, for lunch I opted for the poutine.

I went for a coffee and chocolatine on Tuesday afternoon. I also brought my book to read. It has been so long since I took some time to read in a café! I should do this more often.

I finally finished reading Eat, Pray, Love. I started this book last summer but somehow I didn't seem to get into it at all. I liked how it's written, but I guess the part in India was just boring.

Today I went thrift shopping, and I did what I usually do on my Saturday thrift run; I went to the three charity shops around my village. They all had their winter sales, which is either 50% off or a black bin bag for 5$. I got a good few things and managed to grab a Louis Vuitton Uniforme tshirt in the lot. How it arrived in this remote village I don't know. But that's the magic of thrifting!

While thrifting, I came across a few things for my parents. I got my mum a pair of brown leather shoes, as I know she's always looking for those and my dad a Tommy Hilfiger blue shirt. I like to surprise them!

I discovered Cider with Rosie's blog this week and I love her pictures! Oh and her dog!

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