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By now everyone knows about dry shampoo. Or should. But there is an air about me that says that I am clueless about them, I guess. Last week I was checking the options at my local drugstore (they were almost all on offer) and was asked by the clerck: 

-Do you know what's a dry shampoo?
Duh! I was then looking at the Klorane one when she said:
-Oh we have that one on offer this week, pointing the Dove one.
-Yes but this one interests me.
-Have you tried it? Because it's expensive...
-Yes I have, thank you.

I don't know why she was like that because I know her and she never interferes like that. Maybe she thought she knew a lot about dry poos and she needed to share. But I didn't like it. I don't mind being suggested other options, but this was just too pushy for my liking!

Anyway! On to today's subject! I have talked about dry shampoos a few years ago and compare some of them, the Batiste Original and the Charles Worthington Takeaways on the Go. I realised that back then I had promised a review on the Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with oat milk. I forgot to write this one. Sorry, I've been a bad blogger :( I hope this post can make up for it, as I now include my thought on it.

Dove Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo: It's the cheapest of those three, at around 5$. Lots of people have complained in the past that the packaging let the gaz evaporate, leaving them with an empty bottle. It seems that they have now corrected this and I didn't have this problem with this poo. (But I had with another one). Most people adore the smell, and it does smell good, but I find it too overpowering for a dry shampoo. If I use this, I should forget to wear perfume as it would be useless. It is that strong. Otherwise, I have nothing bad to say about it, it brushes well and don't leave a white cast.

Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo: I got this in the UK last summer, but Batiste dry shampoos will set you back around 10$ in Canada. Batiste is probably the most loved dry shampoo brand, but I'm not a fan. I did try this one because it was super cheap and I wanted to love the brand. But I'm still not convinced. The smell is nice though, it reminds me of my copy of Marc Jacobs Daisy (sorry I don't remember the real Daisy's smell). It leaves a white cast though. I used it yesterday and I brush it thouroughly before leaving home and it seemed fine with the bathroom lighting only for my mum to tell me at the store that my hair looked gray :( I think this one is better than the Orginal I have tried though as it doesn't feel wet.

Klorane Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk: It is my favourite one. It has been since the first bottle I have tried almost three years ago. This one was a press sample, but I have repurchased since, and at 15$ a pop, you understand why I also try other brands (the one on the pic is a sample size one though). It doesn't leave a white cast, and it helps the hair feeling lighter, something I have never really noticed in other dry shampoos. The smell is nice, but also subtle, which is also quite unique amonst the dry poo posse.

Tell me now if you use dry shampoo and which one is your favourite!

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  1. I haven't tried the Klorane one, but it's totally going on my list! I've been using the OSIS one (refresh dust... or something?) and LOVE it but I have to get a hairdresser friend to pick it up at her supply store because no where carries it here.

  2. I never really use dry shampoo, well in all honesty I used Baptiste a couple of times but I find it makes my hair feel dry, dusty and gritty! It seems to work for other people though x

  3. Osis is a good brand, if I ever come across it I'll try to remember it! Thanks for the reco Bailey!

  4. Yes, I have the gritty texture too! It reminds me when i worked at an iron ore factory!


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