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I'm here today with a new feature for the blog! I've seen those types of posts a few times and I've been toying with the idea of doing it myself for about a year. I finally decide that now is the time!

So what I do is I take a few samples from my stash and give them a go over the week. I gather my impressions here on Sundays!

L'Oréal Paris Youth Code Pore Vanisher: A regular silicone-based pore eraser. I like it, it evens out the skin. It claims to "vanish the look of pore in seconds and overtime". Now I don't know for the overtime part, and I'm quite skeptical to be honest. It's similar to the Maybelline Baby Skin.

Lise Watier Age Prevention Supreme Specific Eye Care: I love Lise Watier makeup, but I'm under the impression that her skin care lines target the mature audiences. The Age Prevention Supreme line comes to the rescue to us, younger gals. I have oily skin and for years I stayed away from most moiturizers. This eye cream is perfect for twenty and thirty-somethings, it is lightweight and not greasy at all! I have still a tube of eyecream to finish but this one will be on my mind next time I have to purchase!

Mica Bella Cosmetics Mineral Blush in Terra Cotta: Now I have a hard time with this one. I don't know what it is because it is a similar to one of my usual blush. However, I do not like it as a blush. I found its best use for me is as a contour. And I must admit that being such an orangy colour it would not suit everyone.

MONU Professional Skincare First Defence Hydrating Moisturiser SPF 15: Wow! It should be illegal to have such long names! I do love MONU products though. I have receive a few samples like that and I've always appreciated the quality. This one is no exception. It does have a sunscreen scent, but it is subtle and you forget about it after the cream sets in. It is also lightweight so perfect for those with oily skin like myself!

Sally Hansen Salon Effect Real Nail  Polish Strips: When I first heard of real nail polish strips I was like: "Meh Whatever". I was under the impression that they were not made really of nail polish, that it was just a marketing claim. But as soon as I opened this sample packaging, I knew it was not a joke! It really smelled like the stuff! I'm not a big fan of strips, but I do like them on the occasion. I had difficulty to place correctly the one on my left hand, even though I'm right handed. This resulted in me having to re-stick it into place. And that is never good, the strip fell off half an hour later. Also, them being made of polish, they do chip. So if you buy them, don't forget to put a top coat. I didn't because my sample had no instructions on them but I guess it is written on the box.

I think I might do this feature a couple times a month, just so I don't upset my skin too much. Have you tried any good samples lately?

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  1. Jennifer Huynh7 July 2014 at 12:21

    Hi there,
    I was just wondering, where do you get your samples?

  2. Hi Jennifer!
    I usually have them either in beauty boxes, magazines or at beauty counters ;)


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