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Say hi to Nicole! She's my father's mare, and if she looks like she sweat it's because it was hot today and also because my dad trains her. She's going to race this summer! But now winter won't leave us and she's still hairy, she almost looks like a giant goat!

Today was a beautiful day! As you can see by the picture! It was around 0°C, and the sun was shining bright. We did have another snowstorm yesterday though, and on Wednesday. Oh, and the forecast for tomorrow says more on the way...

Because it was so sunny I took loads of pictures today and I'm glad of the results. I was also able to focus on an object with a blurry background, thing that is not that easy with a point-and-shoot camera. But Tamira from Lipstick with some Sunshine gave me a tip on the comments of her Photography Tips For Blogging 2 post. And it worked!

I've been loving the animals a lot this week! Not that I don't usually love them, but in the winter I don't go out a lot and thus I don't get to pet Nicole and the cats that much. The cats live in the stables with her; they hunt the mice! I spent a few minutes a couple of times this week with them. There are four of them, but only two are sociable, the others are wild and afraid of humans and the dog.

It might be Spring, but I'm getting back into eating healthy. I did a super vegetarian grocery haul today and I'm better at eating wholesome breakfasts. I think breakfast is the easiest meal to make healthier, it might have to do with the fact that I prepare it myself. See, my dad is a fussy eater so he's doing the cooking. And when we do our separate meal, like tonight, things get messy. Still I'm glad because I was starting to pile on weight again and I'm getting back on track!

Thank God I don't have eczema! Earlier this week, Gaby posted an article about her withdrawal from Topical Steroids. And even though I don't suffer from this condition, the article was really interresting and eye-opening. If you suffer from it or know someone who does, go read it!

Now it's your time to tell me about the good things in your week!

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  1. Lisa-Jane Andrews2 April 2014 at 14:21

    aww she is gorgeous x

  2. Thanks! I'll forward the compliment to her tomorrow ;)


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