Best of the Web #2


Here is the second installment of the Best of the Web! Enjoy!

I don't know why but I like when people share their groceries! I guess it's because it gives me meal ideas, even though my dad is currently in charge of that because he is so picky! So I liked Nouvelle Daily's Healthy Grocery Checklist. It has all the basics covered for cheap and healthy meals.

If you are nosey like me, you probably like a good makeup organisation post! While I like the ubiquitous  Malm dresser, I like that Paula has something different to share on her Muji Storage and Dressing Table post!

This week, until April 18th, OleHenriksen is offering a Free .5 oz. Invigorating Night Gel on Orders over $75. Code: RENEW. A value of around $15!

I came around this picture yesterday on Instagram and thought it was cute and funny. The best part is that I saw a dog doing the same thing on my way to church this morning! They are taking over! Hahahaha!

Haleigh is a young American woman in Paris and she has wonderful pictures on her blog! This week, she shows us A Room With a View, which is just stunning! I visited Paris a few times, but to be honest I've never seen it from that angle (I don't want to spoil what it is!) It's quite different when you visit a landscape versus when you see it from the front, if that makes sense!

Just like last week, if you have any good links to share, please put them in the comments!

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