Best of the Web #3


Best of the Web is back this week! I kinda screw my schedule last week and I didn't want to post too many times in one day so I decided to let go. You know,  Life Happens.

How much do you spend per year to look good? In her post, Michelle is breaking down how much her looks cost her. Think about it for a while, it can be scary how much you're spending!

You probably already knkow not to squeeze or touch your pimples, but this article explains it well.

If you're like me you probably like a good Get Ready with Me video! This week I loved Sinead's from the Makeup Chair!

I'm getting back my professional motivation and that means I'm back on frequenting NYC PR Girls. Even if you are not in the PR world, you can still read Adrianna and Meg's atricles and take something from it.

That concludes this week's Best of the Web! Please share your favourite links!

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