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You may know that I livein a village far far away from city centres. Lots of the majors stores are not readily available. Many beauty brands are not present where I live. Of course. you can always shop online but I like to see the product before buying and living in Canada means we,  most of the times, need to pay extrotionate shipping fees and/or duty fee.

So when I go "in town" I usually let myself loose! Last Friday I went to Rimouski, which is a 4 hour drive away to go. Another 4 to come back. It is still not really what I call "in town", but they have a Target and a Winners, so that's a happy MsBubu!
We first did the mandatory stop to Wal-Mart. M y local Wal-Mart (a mere 2 hours drive) isn't the best stock, and they do not carry Wet N Wild, that I wanted to try for a while. Back in the teenage years I have tried Wet N Wild (I was living elsewhere) and was not really impressed but since the last two years the brand pops up a lot on beauty bloggers favourite post, with their Coloricon eye shadow trio. I popped 2 in my basket, Silent Treatment and Sweet as Candy. I've also been longing to try their Megalast nail polish, specifically in 2% Milk as it is a favourite of Alexfashionbeauty and since we have similar complexin, eye colour and hair colour, I thought it would suit me well. (Oh yeah, it might have to do with the fact I have a girl crush on her). I also grabbed Sugar Coat and Wet Cement. 

Bonne Bell is a brand that my W-M carries, but only lip balms. I remember it fondly from my teens. I pick up the Paradise Nail Lacquer. A thing I just noticed is that they have a peel-off tag you have to get rid of in order to open the bottle. It's the only place where the colour is written. So that means when I open the bottle I won't have the name anymore, unless I stick it underneath it and DYI something. Not good Bonne Bell!

It was my second incursion  into Target. Yes I know, Looser! It was the last stop we made and we were kinda in a hurry (not me but my driver) so I just made my way to homeware and the Sonia Kashuk and NYX counters. My sights were on the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa (even though I'm in a nude phase doesn't mean I forget my bold roots) and the Xtrme Lip Cream in Candy Land. Swatched on my hands I thought it would be more of a gloss, but it's similar to the matte ones. I also got two of the Jumbo Eye Pencil, Milk and Black Bean. I already got a Jumbo Eye Pencil in another colour and liked it. And because I knew we wouldn't have time to go back to WM, I picked up Essie's Hide & Go Chic. You can see it in action on my last Manicure Monday post.

Winners, my love! I had to go twice in order to check all I wanted to. First time was beauty and deco. Second time fashion and accessories. Winners can be really good when it's time to makeup sets, and as you can see I came home with two of them. OPI Take Ten came out last Fall, and contains 10 mini of nude and vampy shades. Because i'm in a nude phase, I was drawn to it by the first row, but upon inspection the second row has some good shades too. I do have to say I'm not a big fan of reds in general, but Cajun Shrimp looks gorgeous! It also has mega stars like You don't Know Jacques and Licoln Park After Dark.

Then I just couldn't pass the NARS Andy Warhol Kiss Larger than Life Lip Gloss Coffret! Look at the packaging! I has 5 shades, mainly nudes and pinks but also one silver glitter. Because Halloween is every year...
I know lots of people say the NARS lipgloss smell disgusting and I never had problems with that. But I have to say this one smells!

I also got the Alba Botanica Natural Hawaian Coktail Body Wash in Creamy Pina Colad as this smells just so nice! It truly is a good representation of what the name says! Also, becauseI'm running low on facial scrub I got the Natural Hawaian Facial Scrub from the same brand. They say natural on the packaging and from the quick look I got on the ingredients it doesn't seem so bad, but it's not 100% natural. but for the most part it's good.

Have you done a bit of shopping lately? What are your favourite spots to shop?

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  1. beaux achats.. et je te comprend.. car a 2h de chez vous c'est chez moi haha et je ne comprend pas pourquoi il n'ont plus de wet n wild.. un temps passé il en avait... moi aussi je vais au target la semaine prochaine pour la première fois.. j'ai hâte :)

  2. Merci Anik! Ben oui, deux heures, c'est chez vous! J'espere que tu vas aimé le Target! :) Tu men donneras des nouvelles!


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