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What an exhausting week I had! I worked full time and we had Easter holiday so I probably won't have any unemployment benefits this week...

But here's to 3 and a half days off! Work was busy today so I just unplugged myself for the rest of the day. Bless mum she did the dishes!

Speaking of mum, she finally agreed to lend me her car to go to Quebec City next week. My mother is really overprotective and she always had some kind of excuses for me not to go. If it was my car I wouldn't need her permission, but it's hers and I don't have one. Of course I could go with the bus but everytime I go there with it I catch a cold :(

Quebec City next week! I'm going to go and do some recce for a job, I hope it will be usefull. I will also go see my friend Mélanie and go shopping of course!

It can be a sad thing, but I didn't get the job I interviewed for two weeks ago. But I guess it just means I'm meant to move back into town soon! Fingers crossed!

Hearing the things we need to hear at the good time. This week it has been " What you resist persists". I hear that on a semi-regular basis but this week I was able to link it to something in my situation. Fingers crossed that that will be all good soon!

Have a nice rest of weekend! :)

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  1. aah oui dans les autobus pour un long trajet on gèle. J'ai pris le bus pour revenir de NYC une fois et j'ai eu la grippe. Je te souhaite de passer un beau Weekend à québec et de trouver l'emploi que tu mérites!

  2. J'pense que c'est a cause de l'air clim, pcq meme bien habillée c'est immanquable! Merci beaucoup pour tes souhaits Julie!


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