April Empties


Woaaah! It has been a crazy day! Some good bits, and some bads, but now  I need to unwind. So I went to buy a scratchcard (ere we call them gratteux) and I won 10$! So now it's all good.

I also did good on the empties front in April, I finished 16. So that covers all that I bought. That's how I justify myself. I know May will be a big month purchase wise because I'm heading to Quebec City on Sunday. I hope empties will be on par hahaha!

Tesco Every Day Value Cotton Wool Pads: I got those when I was in London back in August.As the name states, I bought it in Tesco (grocery store) after hearing Anna Saccone that she liked them. They were about 50p each pack and I loved them. I might grab more next time I'm in the UK. They're not the thickest ones, but they are pretty good!

MUA Lash Boom Mascara: I also picked this in London. I didn't used it until recently and I feel that the product disapeared just out of the blue! And it's not like it has dried, because I definitely feel that the tube is light and empty! Other than that, I liked using it, I like the wand that has a ball at the tip and the formula was good. 

Clinique High Impact Mascara: I've had countless sample tubes like this one and I love the product. It performs on both the length and volume front. A good all-rounder!

Eurospa Invigorating Foot Scrubg in Walnut: Those are the little packets you can buy at Dollarama. The scrub is good, even though I would like a coarser one for my feet. The sachet packaging is not the most convenient for a scrub.

Bath and Body Works Candles: Vanilla Bena Noel, Mint Buttercream: Both are similar, a sweet minty scent. The Buttercream one was creamier and my favourite. The only thing I have to say about them is it seems that this year's BBW Christmas candle are sooty. I don't usually have this problem bothering me because I wipe down the soot when I notice it but those seem to just soot their life away!

Have a good May!

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