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We finally had some sun today! Yay! And it should be back on Tuesday. It's about time because I need to take pics for the blog and lately it has just been too gloomy. Even with some of my brighening tips. 

Speaking of pictures, take a good look at these parrots becasue next time you'll see them they won't even be parrots anymore! I'm giving them a new life and with today's good weather I was able to almost finish them. The rest can almost be all  done inside.

This week I have been loving watching Stromae's videos. If you are not from the Francophone world, you might know him from his 2010 hit Alors on danse. If you understand French, his lyrics are just tiny gems and if not, well you can appreciate the beat. Also, his videos are always super creative and I urge you to go see Tous les mêmes, Papaoutai and Formidable. This last one was filmed with hidden camera while Stromae was acting drunk. It's funny to see all the people's reaction on the street (he's a superstar in Belgium). I actually arrived in Brussels at this station (I interned there a few years ago), exactly at this tram stop so for me it's good memories. :)

If you like spiritual and wellness blogs, I suggest you go check out Wellmeaningbeing. On her blog, Liz writes about all things that you might also be thinking about such as "why is it so hard to go for what you want"? Her articles always make you think about life.

Another person that makes me think about life is Sam Crowley from Everyday is Saturday. His style is quite different from most people from this branch, as he has a caustic no-nonsense way of talking. One of his favourite subject is to help people be their own boss and it rings a bell with me as lately I am always wondering why do we have to always aks our bosses permission for everything? As Sam says, we are responsible adults and we shouldn't have to ask permission from another person. I'm finding it really absurd these days as I had to ask for a few days off to go to Quebec City and my boss was not happy about it. All I try to do is to better myself and I don't see why I should be at the beck and call of someone who "fired" me a few months ago.

If you are living anywhere else than Eastern Canada than maybe you are having decent weather and can actually wear a bathing suit/bikini. Maegan has whippped up a Guide in Choosing Swimwear for your Body Shape. I'm a mix of hourglass and apple, as I have a muffin top. I feel sad that most of the options for the apple shape are not bikins though.

I quite like blogs with well lit pictures and pretty things. I also try to recreat it on my blog but living in my parents place with a house decorated with their aesthetic and colours make it hard. That's why I liked Meg from NYC PR Girls article about Life not Being Pinterest Perfect. Sometimes we have to stop and remember that some of those bloggers do that for a living (good for them), and thus have more resources than us. Also, it doesn't have to be so serious. Yes, eventually I'd like to live off my blog. But in the meantime I also have to live and work and cannot be 100% of my time in "IG" mode.

Well there you have it. I hope you enjoyed it because it took me so long to write as my computer is slow and makes me write endless typos that I have to correct and my hands are also sore from all the cleaning, preppring and painting I did today!

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