My Clothing Rail!


A few weeks ago I was telling you that I finally found a clothes rack I was happy with and its price tag. As some of you wanted to see it, I finally got the time and correct light to take a few pictures of it!

I found the rack itself at Wal-Mart, from their brand Mainstays. It wzs around 13$. I love the fact that the upper pole is a little longer than the vertical ones, so I can put scarves and/or hats on the ends. It also has two horizontal bars on the bottom, where you can put shoes. Unfotunately for me, I have tiny feet so my shoes are just long enough to sit on them. If you wear size 7 and up you would be fine though! I'm thinking I could put a board or a piece of glass on it to make a shelf.

The hangers I'm using on my rack are those black velvet ones that I bought at the store I work at. Each pack was around 8$, but I buy them when they have a promotion. I like the look of wooden hangers but they are too bulky and would keep them for the entry closet.


New shoes (except the blue ones and new bag)
Can you tell I love stripes?
New stripy flamingo tunic from Simons!
Now I always scartch my head as to how to sort my clothes on a rail! Tell me how you ladies do it! Do you go by colours, length of garment, length of sleeves? It seems that whatever I do is not looking the neat way I would love it to!

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