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Saturday's Stuff I Like is back! As you may know, I was in Quebec City all week last week and last Saturday I was driving back all day!

These past two weeks I have been loving magazines. I got a few that my local newsagents don't stock and I'm glad I discovered Canada's Style at Home! The interiors featured in it are real ones, just like the ones we can see on blogs. :)

I'm glad I drove to Quebec City all on my home. It is a long ride, 8+ hours. It was also my first time driving in highways! I did really good, the only downside is that someone hit me in the back of the car :( But that was their fault and everyone and the cars were all fine. Well, hers was scratched, but from another incident....

The feeling that something is finally changing. While in Quebec City I dropped a few resumes and I am  getting some calls back, including ones from an employment agency. They called me back on Thursday to let me know they are forwarding my resume to 2 prospective employers! I'm glad to finally hear back and getting feedback.

I salvaged a few curbside finds today! They were actually from our neighbor Lynda. I got this great vanity miror with a back panel and light, a glass coffee table and a lamp. The removal for big pieces is next week so I might grab a few other things for my (hopefully) upcoming new home!

Today I have found a nail polish I have been looking for everywhere in my stash since months! You know how it goes... You check in a place, then another one. Then you check back in the first place, the second and some others.... And then one day you find it in the first place you've already looked! It's probably going to be featured in my next Manicure Monday post, so stay tuned!

What is good in your likfe lately? Anyone going on vacay soon?

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  1. Lisa-Jane Andrews18 May 2014 at 16:14

    NOthing much good in my life at the moment unfortunately. I hope you get some luck soon with finding a job x

  2. I hope you get and feel better soon Lisa-Jane, you deserve it!


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