Manicure Monday: Jazzy Mintage


I was planning to feature another nail polish by Essie today but I just received my Loose Button Luxe Box and inside was that creamy Nicole by OPI I Shop Mintage polish!

I then decided to pair it with Essie Jazzy Jubilant on alternate nails, as the tiny brush of the Nicole sample size made a streaky application on my right hand (see, I'm not left-handed). And the Jazzy seems to fit with the vintage pun from the I Shop Mintage.

I think those too look good together! Don't you think?

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these colours altogether hun! That Essie glitter polish is to die for! xx

  2. Thanks Claire! Yes, it is stunning!

  3. You should better your application technique before posting your final results. Use a brush and acetone to clean up your cuticles and nail bed. :) Just a little constructive criticism from one Nail professional to a nail lover :)

  4. Thank you Pinky! Isn't acetone too harsh though?

  5. Not at all. Even if you take a trip to Walmart they have safe Acetone in the cosmetics aisle.
    Acetone is the ONLY thing I will use for removing polish. It also helps nail polish staining on the skin because it is stronger. Just remember to use good cuticle oil after all treatments to the nails!


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