Manicure Monday: New In!


Today I'm going to spare you my wonderful nails, as I have been painting all day and this weekend as well. So no manicure for me today.

I did pick up those two beauties on Friday, as I was out shopping in New Brunswick with my mum. The Superstore (Loblaws) looks like it is streaming their beauty aisle, and they were still having 50% off some polishes.

Those two are no exception. I have been eyeing Essie Master Plan for a while now, I think I first notied it on Hello October. But I just didn't want to pay full price for yet another greige polish! But at $4.50, I'm alright with it!

I also got this Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy polish in Pink Dawn. Again, another item I didn't want to pay full price for, as I have lots of pale pink in my stash! This one was reduced to around $3.

Have you scored any good deals lately? Any heatwave where you live?

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