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I'm not posting a lot of healthy food posts lately for the good reason that living with my parents, I don't get to eat (and make them eat) healthy granola stuff. See, you don't teach an old dog new tricks and my parents are really picky!

Breakfast is the easiest meal I can control while I live here, as everyone wakes up at different time and prepare their own. When I was contacted by Hermose Peak to review their Yacon Syrup*, I was intrigued. 

Yacon syrup is made of the extract of the tuberous plant yacón (which looks like a potato) in the Andes.
After the Agave syrup phase, yacon is the new option. Apparently it has been used by Incas for years, as it gives energy but has a low glycemic level.

I have tried a few ways of using the Yacon Syrup and here are my thoughts:

Yacon Syrup is said to help with weight loss when you take a tablespoon three times a day with each meal. For my part, I didn't like the tast of the syrup as is. It has a sweet and strong smoky flavour. So for me it's hard to test any claims for this.

To sweeten my porridge
This is probably my favourite use. I usually put maple syrup in my porridge. I substituted it for yacon syrup. As opposed to using it on its own, I didn't tasted the smokey flavour and was left only with its sweetness, which is a good thing.

To bake
I tried baking with yacon syrup, when I made some homemade granola the other day. The syrup stood well the baking process, just like honey would. There again, there is no trace of the smokiness.

Hermosa Peak Yacon Syrup, is $19.50 for 8 oz and is sold on Amazon.

Have you tried Yacon Syrup? How do you use it?

*Product has been sent for review consideration

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  1. Yacon - I have never heard of it but definitely eager to try it! I love new things ha

    Luc X

  2. Lisa-Jane Andrews21 July 2014 at 16:37

    I used to love porridge but now I cannot eat it as of wheat however you can get gluten free porridge x

  3. Oh right your gluten intolerance! What a bummer to have to cut some food because of allergies and whatnot! Did you try the gluten free version yet?


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