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Happy Canada Day to all fellow Canadians! Our big country is 147 years old!

Canada might not be the first destination when we think of beauty, but we have some great products coming from here! I raided my cupboards to find the best for you!

Marcelle has been part of the Canadian beauty panorama since the early 30's. It provides high quality skincare for women aged 25+, and also makeup. I really like their Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel, as the name suggests, it is gentle and most of Marcelle products are aimed to people with sensitive skin. I talked about the gel here. I also rate their XTension Plus Mascara*. At first I was not convinced because I prefer volumising mascara than lengthening, but I also combine two anyways. So yes, this one is lengthening. My mum also likes it, with her chemo her lashes are not long as they used to and other mascaras are too heavy for her lashes. This one is light, and it has a comb brush, which helps with the lengthening effect.

This is Marcelle little sister. Their makeup range is more packed with bolder colours and is always pleasing the younger crowds. That's why they have been considered as a "house of colour" since the sixties. I remember when I was young, I was always drawn to Annabelle products in my mum's stash and on the drugstore's stands for this very reason. Their Biggy Bronzer* is one of their bestsellers and is often featured in magazines. I also like the CC instant Perfecting Base*. You can read my review here. I also like to talk about their TwistUp lipsticks.

While it is not based in Canada anymore and is now part of the Estée Lauder umbrella, we can still can call MAC our own, as it was created in Toronto. Also, most of the products are made in Canada. One of the most popular lippy is the Angel one, as it was part of Kim K's signature lips. Rebel is also a popular option, more on the edgier side.

Lise Watier is also another well-loved brand here. I remember when I was a child, my mum used to have makeup and perfumes from the brand. They also have skincare. Something Sweet and Désirable are part of the younger perfume they have. But they also have more mature scents, and one for men as well. A few times a year, they release collection that are really breathtaking. This Imagine Blush was part of the Spring one, but is still available online. As you can see, the LW packagings are the cutest!

This is a brand that is soooooooooo popular in the UK! If you follow any British beauty bloggers, you probably saw their products popped on those blogs and thought it hailed from Europe. But it is Canadian! My favourite products from Indeed are Pepta-Bright and Hydraluron. They are also considered holy grails products according to bloggers such as Caroline Hirons. They came to beauty enthusiasts attention when they launched Nanoblur, a skin perfector that has been copied by famous drugstore brands.

Jouviance is mainly a skincare company but to be honest, I have yet to try their potions. They launched their makeup line this Spring and I'm in love with their lip products. They are creamy and moisturizing, and the colours are the sweetest. My latest additions from Jouviance are the Rouge Magistral in Party in Dubai and the Gloss XOXO in Premier Baiser. You can read my reviews here and here.

What are your favourite Canadian brands and products?

*Contains a press sample

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  1. I love mac angel! It's perfect!
    Love your blog btw! Defiantly got a follow from me!

  2. Thank you Lita! Yes, Angel is my favourite!


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