A Percé Kinda Day


Today I have a different type of post for you as I spent the day in Percé. Percé is a quaint seaside village in Gaspésie popular for its pierced rock (it has a hole inside it, which gives it its name, which means pierced in French) in the middle of the sea and its whale watching.

We usually go there in family at least once a year and today was the day! We always bring Félix and he is ever so popular with people there. 

Enjoy the pictures!

The "pierced" rock, we can barely see the hole, but it's on the right side

Have you ever been in Percé?

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  1. Hé oui! Tout le monde voulait le flatter! Tu me feras signe quand tu passes! On ira prendre un café! Hahaha moi aussi ca ma pris du temps a embarquer sur Bloglovin, mais la jtrouve ca ben plus pratique pour lire les blogs! :)

  2. Lisa-Jane Andrews24 August 2014 at 05:43

    That looks such a nice place...lovely weather too. Cute photos x


  3. Thank you Lisa-Jane! It is indeed a nice place :)


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