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I talk a lot about Essie and OPI in my Manicure Monday posts, as well as many bloggers. But there is a nail polish brand that needs more love on the blogosphere though. And it is Mavala. Today,  I'm going to make the world right!

Mavala is a Swiss brand, and oftentimes, Swiss products are synonyms with quality. Those polishes are no exception. I always think they apply like a dream and dries really fast. With other brands, the application can be gloopy, even thought th final result is good. But not with Mavala, as the application is smooth and the result ensues. They come in a few finishes, the most commons being cream and pearl. 

Most colours are named after cities all around the globe, as seen on my picture: Madras, Paris and Oslo. The other ones I have were parts of a Summer Collection and were named after sweet treats: Candy Floss, Frozen Berry, Fresh Melon, etc.

The downside of the Mavala range is that most colours usually fall into the red/pink shades and there is not a wide variety of other colors. But if you like those, then you will be served as they have a lot of declinations. Their websites list 399 of them!

You will also notice that each bottle contains 5 ml of polish, which is around half of most brands. I've never really finished a bottle of polish so this is not really a problem for me and they are cheaper than most drugstore brands.

Mavala polishes can be found in drugstores and each bottle is around $6.

Do you have a favourite Mavala shade?

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  1. il est très cute, je trouve que les vernis Mavala contiennent la quantité parfaite de vernis. On n' a pas besoin de format de 15 ml ou 20 ml de vernis de la même couleur! On change tellement souvent !

  2. C'est vrai que je trouve ca bcp 12ml de vernis. J'en ai encore jamais fini un, j'aime mieux avoir plusieurs couleurs de de tjrs mettre la meme!


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