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I was in the stables with my dad yesterday when he told me quietly to look inside one of them. One of the cats had KITTENS! She had them a while ago and was hiding them but now we have found them out.  Usually when our cats have babies they are either black or tiger-like, because that's how our cats are, but this time around they are black and white. I was able to take two of them in my arms this morning and I just can't say how amazing those little balls of love are!

I woke up yesterday feeling and looking tighter, which is what almost all of us girls want, right? Anyway, I'm proud of my figure, more so than how it was this Spring, as I put on weight during this everlasting Winter we had!

Which leads to the fact that I went walking a few times this week, and also roller skating yesterday. I try to keep myself motivated to do some exercise, I'm really not a sporty girl at heart, but still I'm proud when I do it!

I'm so excited about my upcoming holiday in London! I wish I could still live and work there but the visa situation is just a hassle. But I like going back there every year, it makes me feel alive.

I just went to the local café to get a few chocolate cakes, one for myself and one for my dad! So excited to have it after dinner!

 What are you grateful for this week?

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  1. Courtney Connolly2 August 2014 at 18:50

    Aww kittens! That must have been so amazing to hold them!

  2. Même chose pour Moi avec Hawaii que pour toi avec Londres. J'aimerais y vivre et y travailler, malheureusement c'est difficile le processus avec les Etats-Unis. Ils sont cute les chatons!! Est-ce que tu vas en garder un ?

  3. Ha les maudits visas! J'aimerais ca en garder un dans la maison, mais jai des allergies et ma mere fait de l'asthme, alors cest pas l'idéal.

  4. Ooooooooh les petits minous! Ahhh que tu me donnes le goût de voyageeeeeer!!

  5. Lisa-Jane Andrews9 August 2014 at 15:15

    aww they are gorgeous x


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