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My last Manicure Monday post was a little bit than a month ago! Eeeekk! Today I decided to put the excuses aside and do one. You won't see my left hand, which is usually the one I show (I'm right handed, so it's the best painted one) because I broke a nail and also got yet another sanding machine accident. A minor one, but it left a slit on my finger that the nail was broken, so it's not aesthetic!

So introducing my right hand. Loyal right hand, that is better at doing manual stuff than the left one.

This polish is one I bought waaaaaaay back in March, but as Spring was coming in, I put it aside and forgot about it. When I saw Tamira's Khaki Nails for Fall, I knew it was time for it to make ans appearance. It is Bizou Military. As it came out last year and I bought it on clearance, it is not on their website anymore. It is sad, as it is a great colour for Fall, I can see it paired with a burgundy knit.

Have tou got yourself a favourite Fall polish?

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  1. Joli! Ce genre de vert et du bourgogne, c'est magnifique!
    Mes vernis favoris de l'automne sont tous des couleurs dans ce genre. Rouge foncé, vert foncé, bleu foncé :)

  2. Oui, j'aime aussi le bourgogne et le bleu foncé à l'automne! J'ai du faire un choix difficile, je ne peux les amener tous avec moi!


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