Brighton Rock!


One of the lipsticks I had wanted for a whhile now is Brighton Rock from Topshop. I don't remember where I saw it first, but it was just the type pf bright colour I need in my life.

When I went to London las year, I couldn't find it. I thought it was maybe discontinued, but then it was on their website. So it was on my wishlist for this summer. You could say I could've just order it. You're right but then again I didn't want to pay for international shipping for only just one lippy.

On my first day in London I had time to kill before my hostel checkin, and what do you do? Shopping of course! I went to the Oxford Circus Topshop and I found Brighton Rock easily. And I held on tight to it!

It has a matte finish, and as most mattes it lasts forever, but on the downside it can fell drying. As the Fall creeps on us, it might not be a season appropriate shade, but it is definitely me, so I don't mind. Also, it is a bright shade, but quite easy to pull off, I'm not sure if it's because it's matte or just the colour. I can see it compliments every complexion.

Also a quick note on the packaging, all of Topshop makeup comes in those white package with black hand drawn style doodles and writing. It's chich yet playful at the same time and who doesn't like a good monochrome something?!

Have you tried any Topshop makeup? What would you reccomend?

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  1. Je pensais que tu étais encore à Londres! C'est vraiment une belle couleur et j'aime les packaging de leurs produits. Je t'ai laissé mon numéro de téléphone en privé sur Twitter si ça t'adonnes quand je serai dans le coin!

  2. Non, Londres ca sest fait vite cet été, a cause des billets davion trop chers! J'te conterai l'histoire!

  3. la couleur est vraiment flash, superbe!


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