First Impressions: Lise Watier Alex Collection


So last week Lise Watier launched their Alex collection, in collaboration with YouTuber Alexfashionbeauty, Alexandra Larouche.

The collection has been on pre-sale for 2 days at the end of August, but as I was in Transit I couldn't order at that time. So I made a bee line for the collection on the day of the official launch.

The collection has three products set in an Alexfashionbeauty signature package: Quatuor Eyeshadow, Duo Blush & Glow and Rouge Fondant Suprême, all in the shade "Alex".

Quatuor Eyeshadows
Duo Blush & Glow
Rouge Fondant Supreme
This collection is online exclusive to Lise Watier's website.

I have swatched the products and then I featured them in a First Impressions video.You will find those swatches just after the embedded video.

Rouge Fondant Supreme
Duo Blush & Glow
Eyeshadow Quatuor
When you order all the collection you get your choice of either a iPhone 4 or 5 case. I like that it is made of this rubber plastic and not the hard one that snaps when you try to put it on or remove it. 

Gift with purchase: iPhone case
Have you ordered the LW Alex collection? Will you give it a go?

Quatuor Eyeshadow, $33
Duo Blush & Glow, $29
Rouge Fondant Suprême, $24

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  1. Bailey_AlltheWords12 September 2014 at 19:20

    How wrong is it that I want all of it too? The shades are all so gorgeous, and that packaging... Great post!

  2. Hahaha! Us girls are like magies, attracted to pretty shiny things!

  3. I love the look of the Duo Blush & Go x


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