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Musée du Louvre at Sunset 7 years ago
So there you have it! This week has been crazy and the coming one will be too because.... I'm moving to Paris!!!!! Until Christmas! I told you back in June that I'd been shortlisted for a work placement in Paris. Turns out I wasn't the one chosen, but the person drop out, so because I was next in line I got a last minute call and I'm flying there in a week. It'll be crazy and I'm super excited! I even bought a fancy new camera for the occasion, so keep an eye on my pictures!

I'm also glad I got an interview this week. Even though I didn't get the job, it was a good interview and written test and it helps me get my mojo back. And as it turned out a few hours later, I got the Paris news so everything lined up for the best!

Speaking of everything is lining up perfectly and don't we just like it when things all align! I got my plane ticket, 98% of the chance I got my appartment there at a cheap price, and just received a phone call fom an uncle that I barely see because he's always working abroad. Turns out he works not too far from where I'll work so I'll get to see him.

I was able to have a lie in this morning. Finally!

Today I almost finished to sand and remove the paint on two of my projects. Turned out the first tub of paint remover I had was a dud, which I didn't really know because I didn't have any point of reference. And my dad is no help on the subject.

How is your weekend going?

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