Manicure Monday : Marionnaud Rouge Attraction


There it is! My first Manicure Monday Post in a while (granted, it is Tuesday)!

On my nails today is a new French addition to my nail polish collection, Marionnaud Rouge Attraction. In the bottle it is a deep cherry red, but it translate lighter on the nails. The result is still pretty though.

One thing I've noticed with Marionnaud polish (I have another colour on my toes and tried a few in-store) is that even though you wipe off the excessfrom the brush, you have to be careful as polish tend to stay on the wand, and then drip unto the brush. That way you can easily paint all the nails of one hand without having to dip again in the bottle, but you have to look out not to make a mess!

Marionnaud polishes are available in Marionnaud stores (similar to Sephora) in France and are 4,90€.

Have you ever tried Marionnaud before?

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  1. Love the colour and the price!

  2. J'ai jamais entendu parler de cette marque mais ça me déçoit tout le temps un peu quand je pense avoir trouvé LE rouge vin parfait mais ça finit par êtr eun rouge pomme sur les ongles. Belle couleur quand même!

  3. I have never tried this brand before, but that looks like the perfect shade of red. And the price is pretty awesome too!x

  4. Thank you, aren't deep reds perfect for Fall?

  5. Oui, c'est tannant pour ca, quand les couleurs sont pas pareils sur les ongles!


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