Manicure Monday: Mavala Twilight Blue


So I finally post my Manicure Monday on an actual Monday for a change!

Today I'm sporting Mavala again, but in Twilight Blue. Twilight Blue is a dusky, dusty dark blue. It's quite unique, as I've seen dusty blues before, but not quite that dark. And then again I've seen dark blues before, but not with that grey undertone.

Again, as with other Mavala polishes, it applies like a dream. Mavala polishes are easily becoming my favourite polishes, more so than Essies. Granted, their colour range is not as big as Essie, but you can get real gems in them. Like this one and Ginza that I had last week.

Speaking of Ginza, I took it off yesterday, so it lasted the best part of a week! Without top coat, so it's pretty good.

I grabbed this one on sale for about 2$, but Mavala polishes retails for 5-6$ in Canada, and 5€ in France (someone has to explain why European things are cheaper in Canada than in France?!)

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  1. C'est vrai qu'il est unique, j'aime beaucoup! J'ai mis du vernis à ongle pour la première fois depuis des mois (à cause de ma desintox) cette semaine! Petit moment de joie qui me rapproche de la guérison ahahah Mange beaucoup de fromage et de pain pour moi!

  2. J'avoue que tu dois plus apprécié les ptits plaisirs maintenant! Oui, il me reste d'ailleurs du Brie a la maisone!


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