October Empties


I haven't done a Empties post last month as I was in  transit and all that jazz. So the loot this month is not too big, as I didn't bring all my half empties things with me here. Guess I'll finish them in December! So those are the products I finished in Paris in October ;)

Nectar of Nature Cleansing Gel with Real Marseille Soap: Gee why have names so long? This is olive and lemon scented, not my favourite, but it would be well in a kitchen. It was a good soap, but again, I prefer sweet scent.

MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencil: I really liked this eyeliner. It was only £1, got a sharpener and was creamy enough to put in my waterline (what I use black liner for). Would def repurchase!

Kenzo Jeu d'Amour Eau de Parfum Sample: I got a ton of these samples at Marionnaud. It is ok, but not one I would purchase.

Dior Star Studio Makeup Spectacular Brightening: I got this sample in 030 Medium Beige, which suits me. I really liked it, Anna likes it, a good one! Now one day I'll treat myself to a designer foundation, it might be this one or the Giorgio Armani Silk one.

L'Image High Intensity Color Shine Conditionner: You know the drill. I like those little tube of conditionner in home hair dyes.

Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo: You know I'm not a big fan of Batiste and that I prefer the Klorane dry shampoos. Well,  I liked this one. It's the best I've tried so far from the Batiste range (I've also tried the Original and the Tropical ones).

Dove Soaps: I like Dove soaps, they smell good, but I realise it's not the most natural option. I know it's not worst than shower gels but anyway!

I also finished a soap that I didn't have the packaging with me. So that makes 10 empties for October.

Did you finish lots of products in October?

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  1. Attends, est-ce que tu t'es teint les cheveux (je te demande pour le revitalisant). Moi j'ai toujours l'impression que ceux-là fonctionnent bien tout de suite après la teinture (en rinçant) mais après, bof!

  2. Non, c'est ma mere qui m'en avait garder un paquet lorsqu'elle se les teignait. Moi je les aime bien, mais bon jai pas trop les cheveux secs, cest p-e pour ca.


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