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It's already my last day in Paris! It's sad, but I know I'll be back!

Last Sunday  I went to a nearby park to take a walk and it was so refreshing to breath clean and crisp air! I saw a dog that reminded me of Félix, and I can't wait to see him!

It's the rundown to Christmas and I was out all evenings this week. It's always fun to have some gatherings and have fun with friends!

On Thursday, we had a Christmas lunch at work, and I received nice gifts from my colleagues and bosses. I was totally not expecting this, and it just makes me happy!

On Friday I spent my evening with my flatmate Laura and we decided to start our New Year's Resolutions together. I don't usually take resolutions to seriously, but then this year maybe I should because I want things to change!

Yesterday evening though I had a night of me-time, I really needed this! I spent it watching the Mindy Project and Bridget Jones Diary.

Hopefully you have a nice few days before Christmas! I'm flying tomorrow morning and then it's around 10 hours of coach. Grrr! But I'll be home for Christmas!!!

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  1. Lisa-Jane Andrews28 December 2014 at 10:18

    Oh I love Bridget Jones Diary...another of my fave films! Hope you had a wonderful christmas lovely.! BTW I did the christmas tag although its slightly late :) xx

  2. Hi Lisa-Jane! We have a lot in common! I'm catching up on my blogreader, I've been so sick since Xmas!!! Going to check it! :)


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