Hi lovelies! Sorry I have been MIA in the last week. 

I flew back to Canada last Monday, to finally arrive home by coach on Tuesday afternoon. It went well, my suitcase were not too heavy so I didn't have to pay a fee. Phew! I was searched at Customs though  Grr! I hate that!

I had a quiet Christmas Eve, and then on Christmas day I was sick with a terrible cold, finally today I'm feeling better so I was able to go out a little bit, but it was a pretty tough one! I didn't do anything much other than watch TV and sleep. When I had a little more energy I read a little.

I hope you had a better Christmas time than mine! Have a good week!

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  1. oooo Repose toi Stephanie! xx

  2. Ugh, it's no fun being sick on Christmas. I hope you feel better since then! Also, I guess the customs official really thought you looked suspicious :P

    Another Beautiful Thing

  3. Ah thanks Brittney! Seems like everyone who had their luggage late looked suspicious lol! I'm glad it's over!


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