Manicure Monday: Nails inc. The Vale


This week I was looking for a dark colour, as my naisl were on the short side. While rummaging in my Polish Mania Box, I rediscovered The Vale. 

The Vale is a dark plummy shade, perfect for Autumn and Winter. Whilst I was taking pictures, I also found it is quite similar to another Nails Inc polish I presented you a few weeks ago, Kensington High Street.

While The Vale is more purple in the bottle than its Nails Inc friend, I find that it's barely visible on the nail. I found this happens a lot with Nails inc polishes, that they do not translate on the nail as in the bottle. It is clearly darker than Kensington High Street though.

The picture has been taken about 3 days after the application. As you can see, I got minimal chipping.

Do you also happen to buy similar colours of polishes or lipsticks, etc?

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  1. looks like a really nice color :)

    xx danielle //

  2. Love your blog! And...current having your same problem with too much short nails ;(

  3. Thanks Danielle! It is a nice colour for colder months!

  4. Thank you! I think I'm gonna bring back the oil!

  5. What about oil? What is it?

  6. Cuticle and nail oil! I got the ProFX and Burts Bees ones. Or just Almond oil ;)

  7. Thank you for the advice!!


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