Manicure Monday: Nicole by OPI Sea How Far You Go


I picked this polish last week at Dollarama. Searching it online, I can see it was part of Nicole for OPI's Target exclusive collection  Something About Spring in 2011. I didn't even know there was Target exclusive collections!

This colour is really unique, a golden green duochrome. In the bottle it is more monochrome than on the nails, you can see more of the blue tint of the green. On the nails tough, it doesn't translate as monochrome. The colour payoff is still different from any other polish I've seen.

If mermaids existed, I'm sure their tails would be this colour! The formulation of the polish is liquidy, so it is easy to go over another time to correct without streaking.

What's the best shade you've ever found at Dollarama?

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  1. that's a very pretty color, and Target exclusive collections are usually pretty awesome. I love it when they do exclusive collections with high end fashion designers with clothing and shoes.

  2. Thanks Madeleine! Metallics are great!

  3. Thanks for the tip Giselle! Unfortunately, I don't live near a Target :( Otherwise I could check regularly! But I do like when mainstream brands collaborate with designers too!


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