Manicure Monday: Revlon Nail Expressionist Silhouette


And here you can see the extent of my nail art talents, which are non-existent!

Today's masterpiece (ahem!) is showcasing Revlon Nail Expressionist in Silhouette.

If you're not familiar with the Revlon Nail Expressionist range, it is a combo of two complementing colours in one wand of nail polish. On one side, you have the base colour, with a regular nail polish brush. On the other side, you have a detail colour, that has a fine, long brush.

The packaging is pretty ackward to work with, as it is long and narrow. Which means you can't easily put it down on the table while you paint your nail with it; you have to think about the pot being balanced correctly, otherwise it would fall and make a mess. The regular brush is pretty standard, I have nothing major to report. The fine brush is good to draw with, according you are good at drawing tiny things! I think it would be easier to draw if it were shorter, but then again, it would not reach the polish at the bottom.

I initially thought the colours looked great together, a true nude and coppery silver. Unfotunately, the copper colour doesn't stand out when on the nails with the nude.

I picked this up at Dollarama a few weeks ago and it was 2$. I also saw it still on the drugstore shelves, so it is not discontinued, for 8$. Pretty good deal!

What is your favourite nail polish colour combo?

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  1. You created a beautiful and impact effect with short nail. Great!

  2. Ben voyons j'avais pas eu la notice de ton commentaire! Ah oui une chance qu'on l'a ce Dollo la! ;)

  3. hahaha mets-en! Je ne pourrais pas survivre sans ça!

  4. HEllo! I wanted reply your look with a different color! What do you thing about final effect?
    Please leave me a comment about! ;D

  5. :) Lovely Essies! I should give more love to A Cut Above ;)

  6. Don't you? ;D I love some glitters, every now and then. ;D


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