Manucure Monday: Primark Pete the Panda Kit


I picked this manicure set last summer in London as I relaised I forgot to pack my nail clippers and I needed one pronto!

I was browsing innocently, as you usually do in Primark and the kit popped in my eyes. As I was in need of a nail clipper and it was £2, I thought why not, in the worst case scenario I'll only be using them once.

Turns out the clippers are not that bad! Of course I prefer my regular pair of nail clippers, but as a travel kit, this is perfect. It is the one I brought with me for my three months in France and I was ok!

Now, I don't get a lot of use of the other instruments in the kit except maybe the tweezers if in need. But there are nail scissors, nail clippers, a file, tweezers and a cuticule pusher.

I'm not sure if the exact kit is still sold in Primarks, but I remebered there were other designs.

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