October Favourites


I haven't done a monthly favourite post since May! Woaaa that is a while! I hope you don't mind me. 

Becca Creme Blush in Amaryllis: I bought this one when I was in Quebec City before going to London last summer, but you know how it is. You put something into your suitcase or handbag, and then you cannot find it anywhere. And then you find it. In the pocket of said suitcase you already checked 10 000 times! So I found it back just before coming here, and it is a really fresh colour, as I like the doll's cheek effect. I also like creamy blushers, I think they apply more easily then the powder ones.

Mavala Ginza Nail Polish: I'm so in love with this colour. So much so that I have fond a matching beret last week!

Personnelle Rouge Expression Stain Lip Balm in Elegant: Lip balm, yes. Stain no. Anyway, I like how creamy it is and the colour is just a neutral one I can forget in my purse and it matches with anything. Go get it if you can!

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