Tips When Visiting Citypharma in Paris


If you are a little bit in to French skincare, you probably already know about Citypharma. It is probably one of the best known pharmacies in the world!

It stocks all the main French pharmacies brands you can think of, is regularly replenished, and most of it is the cheapest place you can find!

During my three-month stay in Paris this Autumn I've visited Citypharma countless times. Here are a few tips I can give you:

Try to avoid weekends and evenings
If you are a tourist in Paris this will not be a problem for you, but as I was doing an internship and worked during office hours, I could only go during those times. Of course it will probably be jam-packed any day you'll go, but I think weekends are the worst!

Leave your boyfriend (and dog) outside
Yes, I've seen dogs in the pharmacy! Heck, what do people think? As for the boyfriend, unless he has something to grab, it is best for him to stay outside, as he will only take up some real estate and place is not a luxury here.

Know what you want
Most people here have a wishlist and it is a good idea, as you might forget things as you'll be lured by all the products inside. Now I'm not saying not to be open to new brands, no! Just have an idea of what you really want, so you won't do like me and go back every so often!

Have a game plan
I've tried to have an idea of the settings before going, but couldn't find anything on blogs. But I'm going to spill the secret here, once and for all! One the ground floor you'll have everything beauty. One the first floor is mainly drugs and vitamins, boring stuff! When you arrive, you have nail polishes and makeup on the right hand side. You will find Mavala, OPI, Essie, and UNE makeup if I recall correctly. Then you'll have body and skincare. That's where you'll find the bulk of Caudalie, LaRoche Posay, Uriage, Nuxe, etc. On the left hand side, you will find haircaire: René Furtherer, Phyto, vitamins for hair, etc. A little furhter on the left you'll have "green" products, such as Melvita, Cattier. This is a nsty spot. It's tight, and the assistants tend to be there, so people gather around. Then you can make your way to the cashwrap. You'll have everything dental on the left. And points of sale are on the right at the back. That's also where you will find the lipbalms and hand creams. So if you are looking for Nuxe Reve de Miel lipbalm, that's where you have to check!

At the cashwraps
Now at the end of your shopping experience is the till. You might have a big queue of people waiting paste the toothpaste aisle. Don't be fooled, because when you enter the area, each till has its own queue. If it's busy the assistants are going to say so, but if you don't speak French you'll be a t a loss!

Have you been to Citypharma? Any tips I've missed out?

Citypharma, 26 rue du Four, 75006 Paris, Metro Saint-Germain-des-Prés

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  1. Hehe, love this post, very useful! I always avoid it when I am in Paris because for some reason I have myself convinced that it is more expensive than other "regular" pharmacies. Mostly it's the busyness that I don't like. But you now make me want to go :)

  2. I know! That's what annoys me too! I've check other pharmacies in the three months I was there, in Paris and the suburbs, and Citypharma has the best prices, sometimes it's the same, but I haven't really found things that were more expensive than other places ;)

  3. hahahhaha tu es tellement drôle avec ton point 2. hahahahah je t'adore, le chien pis le chum dehors!! hahahah xx

  4. Hahaha! ;) Ya juste trop de monde que c'est juste sensé! J'ai pas vu d'enfants par contre...


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