January Empties


January has been a slow month. I haven't finished many products, but I bought only 3, so it's a good start of the year. I know in February I'll probably buy more as I'm heading to Montréal for an interview. So I refrain myself before that!

Wal-Mart Maple Cookie Scented Candle: I bought this one just before heading to France, so I could smell a little bit of a home indulgence there! The candle was great, it burned evenly and had a decent throw. Not as much as BBW ones, but still, it was around 5$ and was good. The only thing is that it doesn't smell maple-y enough though. But it is really sweet!

Marcelle XTension Plus Mascara*: I didn't think too much of this mascara at first, as I like volumizing ones, as opposed to lengthening ones. But, over time, I discovered that it is a nice everyday mascara and that it is a great base to layer with a volumizing one. I already have a backup!

Dollarama Premium Cotton Pads: I used to like these a lot. They were cheap and did the job. But as of now, I'm not sure if it's just me getting used to more luxirous brands or the quality of them dropped. I think it's the quality that isn't as great. It sheds and I'm gonna use the other brand I have.

Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towelettes: I could only find this normal version, even though I wanted the combination/oily one. I got them because I saw on Alexfashionbeauty that these are her favourites. And I have to say, I like them a lot! I'm not a fan of wipes, but these are moist enough, and doesn't leave an oily film. I got them at Costco thus I still have a few packets left!

Nuxe Prodigieux le parfum: I got this sample when I bought the Huile Prodigieuse, from which the scent is derived. If you know the oil (Huile Prodigieuse), then you know that its smell has a cult status. So Nuxe came out with a matching perfume. While I love the scent of the oil, I'm not sure I would wear it as a perfume. I liked it, but it is wayyyyyyy sweet. I think it is because of the coconut and vanilla. It has floral notes, but all I can smell is the firt two.

Dior Star  Studio Makeup in 30 Medium Beige: I've already got a sample of this in October. There again, I really like it!

And that brings it to 11 empties! I hope to finish as much in February!

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