Manicure Monday: Down Memory Lane


It seems that nail polish has always been a favourite of mine. When I was a teenager, I would always roam the local drugstore and Ardène in search of an original colour. 

Because I am a hoarder, of course I kept those precious bottles and I have decided to show what were my colours of choice when I was in my teens. I also know from my Down Memory Lane post that this is something that interrests you! ;)

I kept the bottles in the same bag that I did when I was young. It is a clear cosmetic bag that I got when I was around 9-10 in Labrador City! So this post is vintage through and through.


Judging by this collection, you can see that I was obssessed with blues. Back in the days, and this was circa 1995, blue nail polish was really edgy! I remember that I wanted the same colour as Shirley Manson in Garbage's Only Happy When It Rains video. (Now watching the vid I can only say that all band members had great polishes!)

Later I liked powder blues. This was probably around 1998, and some duochrome colours made their way in stores! This was so cool! Now, it's hard to be that excited about a nail polish colour, as they all been done. But in the 90's, it was almost revolutionnary. Before that, you only had 3 choices: red, pink or black, if you were gothic. But all these blue, purple and green polishes were a breath of fresh air!

My favourite brand for these unique colours was Cover Girl, and its NailSlicks line. I also got a few quirky colours from Ardène, but the quality of those polishes were not always great.

Back in those days, nail polishes were around 4-5$ a bottle.  Lots of them still have their price tags, so they can vouch for that!

What were you obsessed with during your teenage years?

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